Meeting the challenges of Five Countries Qualifications

There is increasing diversity in the qualifications offered in the four UK countries and between these and the Republic of Ireland. People travel between the five countries for study and work and it is essential that there is a clear understanding and acceptance of the qualifications people from different countries hold.

The Five Countries Meeting was set up as a forum for qualifications regulators, quality assurance bodies and government departments to come together to share developments and promote transparency and understanding of qualifications across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Republic of Ireland. You can see a comparison of qualifications here.

ColegauCymru, attended the latest Five Countries meeting in Dublin on 30th-31st January. The meeting included a wide range of stakeholders in the UK including Qualifications Wales, CQFW1, Ofqual, SQA2, SCQF3 CCEA4 QAA5 QQI6 and representatives of government departments from each country.

As well as exchanging information on the latest developments there were presentations on developments with the European Qualifications Framework, see more details here, and on the latest developments in digital certification.

The meeting strongly supported continuing links between the UK administrations and the Republic of Ireland whatever the outcome of the current negotiations between the UK and the EU.

ColegauCymru continues to support staff and learners to access mobility opportunities and take part in study and work placement opportunities across Europe and around the World. Further details here.