Facts and Statistics

172, 470 Learners in FE in 2016/17

 More learners than ever are choosing to study in Further Education. 172,470 unique learners pursued one or more learning activities with FE Institutions, Local Authority Community Learning or WBL providers during 2016/17.  A recent 2018 report demonstrated a continued increase in the number of entrants selecting college at Year 12. The study showed that 53.5% now study in FE, a rise of 2.5% for the second year running.

ColegauCymru will continue to work with Welsh Government to ensure that changes envisaged for the school curriculum form part of the imminent curriculum reform bill and that it further strengthens the opportunities for career progression as young people leave school.

Learner numbers by gender

Benefits to society

Society will receive £7.90 in return for every £1 invested in FE colleges in Wales.

EU Funding

Over the last 10 years, colleges have participated in a number of EU funded projects and initiatives, with an overall value of £594m.

The nature of the projects the colleges have been involved in has mainly been about supporting and increasing the skills of the workforce and learners entering the labour market. These projects, involving colleges, target over 110,000 participants with over 70,000 of them achieving a qualification.